Why A Person Is Alcohol Addicted and What To Do About It?

Whenever we talk about alcohol or drugs, an image of smoke-filled room appears which is dark and people in there are not in their senses. This image to some extends is true but not always. In the past, people thought that the addicts are actually possessed by devil or some evil spirit. Although, to some ignorant people it is still the same situation but now scientists and researchers have proved that addiction is entirely different.

The reason behind any addiction is not just one; rather there are a number of factors that pushes a person towards addiction. One of the most common factors is psychological issues. Others are certain beliefs, society norms etc. You might see a drunk person talking about big games and saying a lot of things that shows he is not afraid of anyone. But the same person when he is sober is scared to even discuss his feelings. The reason is alcohol or drugs gives the person a high and, in this condition, he finds courage and say all this.

Why a person gets addicted to any substance like drugs or alcohol varies from person to person. Some turn towards alcohol as part of coping mechanism. They might have faced some trauma in life and in order to deal with it, they turn towards alcohol. It could be loss of a job, death of some loved one, brutal accident or even a bad breakup. There could be any reason to drink alcohol but end is same; to cope with the issue. Although this is not practical and never a good choice but there could be nothing done about such psychological issues.

Now a question arises what to do in this situation? Should we leave the person wasting away his life or is there anything to be done about it. There is only one answer; admit them to an alcohol rehab center. It is a medical facility that is established with only one goal; helping in leaving the alcohol addiction. Admitting the person in rehab means that he has already tried to shun this habit but unable to do so.

If the patient addiction level is low then there are outpatient programs as well. There the patient is given all the help he needs by visiting the rehab center on daily basis. He will be asked to remove all traces of alcohol in the house and avoid to attend events or ceremonies where alcohol is available. He will be submitted to the therapy as well as he will be asked to join counseling group sessions also known as AA groups.

We have limited time in this world and we must live our life to its fullest. Giving yourself out to addiction is not a way to live it. It is like wasting it away. Life has its own debt on us. So, we need to make sure we pay it by living it as we were meant to.


Mary Jackson 1942