Tips for Newbie Weed Smokers

Are you ready to join the amazing family of weed smokers? Congratulations! You will, without a doubt, have fun while at it and even become a pro after getting a few things right. Trying out weed for the first time is an exhilarating experience, and at first, it may seem like a puzzle. You may be having a lot of questions such as, where to start from? Where do I buy the weed? How do I smoke? And so on, if that is you, fret not! In this piece, we will be giving you five tips that will help you get started in this amazing journey.

Choose the Right Weed Dispensary

First things first, you want to choose the right weed dispensary. Today, there are many stores that sell weed, but not all of them are legitimate. Get down to research on the internet and type in ‘weed dispensaries near me.’ You will get many search results, and it is now up to you to find one that you can trust. One way to prove the legitimacy of any weed dispensary is by checking if they have a license. Secondly, online reviews can be particularly helpful as you will get insight into whether or not the store is trustworthy. A weed dispensary with many negative reviews is a red flag; you might want to look for another.

Buy Good Quality Weed

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The quality of weed you buy has a significant impact on your first experience. As it goes, first impressions do matter- and the same applies to the first 420 session you will be having. Be sure to buy good quality weed from a reputable weed seller. Trying out bad quality weed on your first attempt may make you hate the whole idea of smoking weed. Ask some of your peers who are already in the family of the best weed to try out. The salespeople at the weed dispensary can also help you decide which type of weed to try out first.

Ditch the High Expectations

If you think that you will get high with your first puff, you might be mistaken. Things may go both ways; either you get extremely high or just feel a little high. This is so because our systems vary; how one person reacts to weed is totally different from how another one will. As you try the weed for the first time, have an open mind and be ready for anything.

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Lastly, you need to keep your bottle of water close by. After smoking a few blunts, you may feel like your lips and mouth are dry, requiring you to drink a lot of water. Moreover, have some food in the fridge or a courier that you can call to deliver food. When the munchies hit, they hit hard. It is necessary to always be prepared.

If you were on the fence about trying weed because you did not know where to get started, there you have it!

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