The New Way of Smoking: HEETS

In today’s world as there is technological advancement in all the fields there is a new development in the way nicotine is being consumed. Interestingly the look is better and sleek. The new talk of the town is vaping. It can be done using not just e-cigarettes. There is much more to it. There are HEETS and pods that are being used. Also, there are many new flavours for the new users to try. In this process there is no burning of tobacco, it is brought to a temperature high enough to make fumes and vapours for the user. These vapours are much smoother for the user and there is no excess in the air. So, the people close by are not disturbed by the pungent smell. The user also experiences much more satisfaction after a puff of the Heets than on a traditional cigarette, so its efficiency is much more.

What is So Cool About it?

The main thing is that it is very colourful and trendy. The pics with heets in hand have gathered great likes and more followers for the internet influencers. It is the new way to look cool. Another big factor is that there is no burning of tobacco, so no smoke. Only vapours for the user. People sitting close to them are not affected. Also, the risk of passive smoking is reduced. The user can comfortably sit with family and friends when they are using it and it will not be a hassle for anyone. But it must still be kept away from kids. Nicotine is not good for their lungs. Be careful as they may be attracted by the vibrant colours of the holder. Additionally, there are many new flavours that a user can try out while having the satisfaction of using nicotine.

How Do Heets Work?

Heets is actually a stick that has the contents of nicotine salt in various flavours. You do not burn it like a traditional cigarette, there is a system called IQOS. It is used to heat up these sticks. The tobacco is wrapped in a special type of paper that does not burn in the heating process, while the vapours of the nicotine can pass through for the user to enjoy. In the IQOS there is around 350-degree temperature for the fumes to be generated. There is a set of people who feel that may be the toxicity of the fumes from this manner may be lesser harmful than those that come from full burning. Each box comes with around 20 sticks that have the same flavour, or different as per your choice. Each stick lasts about 6 minutes that will be enough for a person to have 14 to 15 puffs. It is safer for the people around you. But the holder needs to be put in a separate place if you have kids at home. There can be accidents. Those looking forward to quitting may try heets as the satisfaction is much more in this method allowing you to stay off it for longer and eventually you may quit.

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