What To Expect From A Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment At The Dentist

If you want to get a brighter and whiter smile, there are various teeth whitening options on the market. Foods, drinks, poor dental hygiene, smoking, medications, and the natural aging process can cause teeth discolouration. For many, that means a trip to the dentist for a teeth whitening procedure. Still, others would prefer using DIY methods of teeth whitening. While at-home teeth whitening might seem convenient, nothing can replace the results of a professional cleaning and whitening treatment from your dentist.

There Are A Few Facts About Professional And At-Home Teeth Whitening That You Should Know.

The dentist will determine the correct methods and chemical concentrations for proper teeth whitening. Here are some of the benefits of choosing professional teeth whitening:

Preliminary Examination– the dentist will check your teeth for plaque build-up and cavities. These problems will be rectified first, before the dentist proceeds with the teeth whitening procedure. You can be sure to have healthy and good-looking teeth.

Safety- improper whitening methods may harm teeth and gums. Some people leave whitening strips on their teeth longer than recommended, believing that they will get quicker and better results. In reality, strips may irritate gum and wear down tooth enamel if left on for too long. The dentist will also use dental dam to protect the gum. Pregnant and nursing women will be advised to defer the procedure.

Even Colouration- with professional teeth whitening, you will get even colouration. As an example, if you have porcelain or composite dental crowns, they may not be as white, compared to the rest of your whitened teeth. Your dentist will choose the right colouration for better results.

Long-Term Results- dentists use medically verified methods, tools and substances that provide long-term results. The dentist will provide recommendations to prevent future discolouration of your teeth. As an example, you will be required to brush teeth regularly, at least twice a day. It is also important to cut back on anything that could stain your teeth, like tobacco and red wine. During a regular check-up session, your dentist will examine the overall condition of your teeth and the rate of discolouration to provide you with the best possible teeth whitening results.

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