What Are Some Of The Medicinal Properties Of Marijuana

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It can distort the sense of time

In a study conducted in 1998 using magnetic resonance imaging for brain studies, scientists have reported changes in blood flow to the small brain, which most likely affects the loss of time-related terms. Restrictions on only certain types of marijuana that scientists may use during research makes it much more difficult to further investigate this type of drug.

You will experience increased hunger

One of the side effects of marijuana consumption is eye redness because marijuana is spreading blood vessels as well as increased appetite, which is why often those who consume marijuana at that time have a higher desire for food.

Research has shown that marijuana, thanks to the psychoactive effect of THC, affects a part of the brain that signals the satiety that makes our brain deceive and drives us to eat even though we are probably not hungry.

Some people increase the risk of depression

Researchers can not determine with certainty whether marijuana causes depression, or depressive people have a greater tendency towards smoking marijuana, but a Dutch study argues that marijuana consumption can increase the risk of depression in young people with a specific genotoxicity gene that is more vulnerable and vulnerable to depression.

Also, research has shown that people who regularly consume marijuana may develop schizophrenia, especially in those who have genetic predispositions for this disorder at the start.

It can cause anxiety

Scientists are currently trying to prove that CBD can positively affect the treatment of people suffering from anxiety, but many believe that frequent consumption of marijuana actually raises the risk of social anxiety. Just as with depression, scientists can not determine with certainty whether marijuana affects anxiety or individuals use marijuana to resolve feelings of anxiety.

Cigarettes are more harmful than marijuana

People who regularly consume marijuana are more likely to experience chronic bronchitis, according to some research. Equally, it has been shown that people with the same symptoms are faced after smoking cigarettes cease to exist.

However, surprisingly, research results show that cannabis does not increase the risk of lung cancer or any of the forms of head or neck cancer we know to cause cigarettes.

Marijuana helps athletes

Some athletes, especially in endurance sports and adventurous spots, claim that marijuana helps them achieve better sports results. The inflammatory and soothing effect of marijuana allows them to withstand greater or faster recovery from training.

It should not be consumed during pregnancy

Research shows that smoking in marijuana during pregnancy is associated with lower weight in newborns. There are indications that mothers who had consumed marijuana during pregnancy had to spend some time on the neonatal intensive care unit after birth.

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