Importance of Nursing Care in the Hospital

Patient care is not just about the health component of medicine. Patients can feel uncertainty about their condition, injury, surgery, or recovery. It is critical that nurses address the physical problems of a patient, as well as their emotional needs. For example, when a school nurse displays empathy, they cultivate a collaborative relationship with the student in need of healthcare, which can help to find out triggers, signs or reasons that contribute to proper diagnosis and care. Those positive patient results will result in open contact and reciprocal respect between nurses and their patients:

  • Shorter hospital stays.
  • Alleviation of pain.
  • Decreased anxiety.
  • Optimistic outlook about recovery

Nurses play various roles in hospitals and healthcare, depending on the patient’s particular needs at a time. Its position in healthcare follows:

  1. Communicate with patients

In hospitals, lots of people either from the village or from the city visit in a day. Those who are not educated need more consultation treatment than people who are trained, as it is a question of the wellbeing of someone. Good communication in the healthcare system is required for this reason which can enhance healthcare environment outcomes. The nurse has the responsibility of communicating with the patient and clears their doubts because if the communication is not effective, it will inhibit the healing process.

  1. Take care of patients safely

In patient safety nurses play a critical role. It is the responsibility of the nurse to avoid prescription mistakes after the doctor visits or diagnosis, and to ensure that patients receive the appropriate care & therapy. Her duty is to provide adequate precautions in case of fall or skin breakdowns. He / she is paid accordingly per patient case, nurses are more likely to consider inefficiencies and propose a change if appropriate.

  1. Caregiver

In hospitals, nurses take care of their patients like a mother caring for their babies. The treatment given depends upon a patient’s needs & requirements. The treatment given to a patient depends on the stage of the disease, as if someone who has cancer needs more medication than a person who has normal fever.

  1. Being a teacher of the patient

Nurses teach patients about their drugs and their health. A patient often gets confused about some procedures and actions, and the nurse removes all doubts like an instructor. Nursing should be available in the European Union to patients at subsidized rates who have an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) Passport. Her main goal is to convince her patient to take care of themselves, and if he / she takes care of themselves they will recover very quickly. The nurse’s role in patient care is to deliver patient satisfaction at 100 percent.

  1. Act as a patient advocate

The function was considered to be the most critical of nursing positions. Management’s main goal is to ensure that the care given is reasonable or adequate, and to allow the nurse to take care of patient rights. In general, when a patient is not right, then it is his nurse ‘s responsibility to assess the patient’s exact needs.

On a study conducted by PhD. RN. Lee A. Schmidt, patients who entered the nursing care situation, expecting to be treated as single individuals. Patients wanted more than their diagnosis to be recognized, and they wanted the nursing staff to treat them as an individual. The past and circumstances of each patient made their hospitalization experience special, and patients needed nursing staff to recognize this uniqueness in the treatment they received. The unique aspect of the experience of nursing care was also expressed in the remarks of patients about their desire for nursing staff to remain focused on them during care delivery. The variation in this category was evident in both positive and negative comments on ‘seeing the individual patient’.

While the results of this research are consistent with several themes related to nursing care previously established in the literature, further research is required to determine the methodological adequacy of the results, in an attempt to generate a theoretical explanation of patient satisfaction with nursing care. The interpretation of studies on patient satisfaction was hampered by the lack of a clear theoretical basis for this important outcome variable. Most importantly, in improving general patient satisfaction and patient satisfaction with indicators of nursing care, the patient’s viewpoint has not received enough consideration.

Nurses gain extensive knowledge of the strengths and limitations of hospital systems. Their ability to build workarounds for broken or dysfunctional processes is legendary in health care. As hospitals concentrate on increasing safety and security, patient satisfaction and performance, the expertise of nurses and their patient dedication and organizations need to be empowered effectively. For this to be done, the experiences of nurses must be reflected at the highest levels of hospital leadership and incorporated into hospital decision making.

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