Marijuana comes in many forms, including the common buds, edibles, tinctures, oils, topicals, and concentrates. Choosing the right marijuana product for your needs is not easy since the products affect everyone differently, and some may have potentially harmful effects on some people. Keep in mind that different factors contribute to the effects cannabis has on your body. Ideally, you should start small and consume slowly as you observe how your body reacts.

Since you will find marijuana products of various strains in a weed store, you must make an informed decision, especially if you are trying out a new product. Here are the key things about cannabis you need to consider.

The THC content

Tetrahydrocannabinol brings out the psychoactive and intoxicating effect of cannabis. So you need to understand the level of the THC content in a Marijuana product so that you can gauge the level of high you will experience when the effects kick in after consumption. For example, a marijuana product with 15% THC means that it contains 15% THC (150mgs per gram) of the total cannabis content in the product. 33% is the highest THC content currently available in Marijuana products. Note that 20% is considered a very high content in a marijuana product.

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The CBD content

On the other hand, CBD that stands for cannabidiol, is another component of cannabis, but it has no intoxicating effects. It counters the intoxicating effects of THC to give you a balanced feeling. When a Marijuana product has CBD to THC in a 1:1 ratio, you will only experience mild psychoactive effects. If you are after a mild psychoactive effect, select products with CBD only or those with a high CBD to THC ratio.


Terpenes are the components found in different plants’ fragrant oils, which influence their scent and flavor. Various strains of cannabis have a dominant terpene and several others, and the only thing terpenes affect is the smell and taste of the Marijuana products. That is why you will experience different flavors in Marijuana products of different strains.

Choose the Right Delivery Method for You.

Your choice on how to consume the marijuana product, whether ingesting, smoking, vaping, sublingually or topical applications, affects the experience you feel, especially regarding the time of the onset of the effects and the duration they last. The different methods of delivery bring out different results because of how they enter your bloodstream. When you consume marijuana edibles, it may take a while before you feel the effects since it enters the bloodstream through the digestive tract, unlike vaping concentrates, whereby you feel the results faster.


The amount of marijuana product you consume also affects your experience. You can choose a low potency product, but you may still experience adverse or unpleasant effects if you overconsume.

Start Slow, Go Slow

Search for recreational dispensaries near me on Google to find the best one with quality marijuana products. When trying out a new product, start with a low dose and wait for enough time for the onset of the effects before taking more. It is better to underdose than to rush ahead and experience unpleasant effects later.

The Final words

When it comes to marijuana products, there is no one size fits all so be prepared for trial and error before you finally find your best product.

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