How a Hemp Farm in New York Harvests the Crop

For a top-notch hemp farm in New York, the everyday life on the farm is not as typical or easy as one might think. In order for a hemp company to produce the kind of products that are pristine enough to be considered great by the people who use them, they have to remain diligent. Every day they will continually work in order to make sure that each plant that grows from the seed in its highest of health and gets the best care. Healthy, happy hemp produces high-quality CBD, and customers deserve to get the best that is available on the market. 

Planting the Hemp Seeds

In order to establish a healthy crop, the seeds have to be planted in a manner that will not allow for the plants to be too close together. A hemp farm that cares about the health of its crops will carefully select where the seeds will be planted, and how far apart they will be. From the moment that the seed is planted, until the end of the processing phase, every step of the way has to be beneficial for the plant, and for the people who will use the products that the plants produce.

Maintaining the Hemp Cannabinoid Content

Many hemp farmers are faced with a dilemma when it comes to the quality of their crops. In order for industrial hemp to be legal in the United States, it has to have a 3% THC content or lower. Any plant with levels above 3% THC is considered marijuana, and illegal. As hemp grows and matures the THC content naturally rises, as well as the CBD content. The trick is to allow the plants to grow as mature as they can before the THC content is too high, but allow the CBD content to get as potent as it possibly can. If the plants are pulled too soon, the farmers will lose out on an acceptable CBD content, but if they are pulled too late, they will be illegal because of too much THC. Because there is such a fine balance, the farmers have to constantly monitor the progress of their plants.

The Hemp Farm Harvest Time

When it comes time to harvest the hemp, when it is being used to produce CBD products, the harvesters have to be careful. The highest concentration of CBD in the hemp plant is within the flowers, or buds of the plant. The harvesters will harbor machetes or other cutting tools so that they can chop the plants from the ground as low as possible, then they will stack the cut plants neatly on a hauling platform such as a trailer behind a tractor. The plants should be stacked neatly and in the same direction so that when it is time to hang them, they will be less difficult to handle.

Drying The Hemp

Another critical stage in the process of harvesting hemp is the drying stage. If the farmer does not quickly dry the plants in an area that is adequately ventilated, molds and mildews can grow on the plants and cause the whole hemp oil extraction process to become contaminated. In order for CBD products to be at their highest quality, the extracts themselves must be free of contaminants including molds and toxins that can get into the extract from the plants in the drying stage. An experienced hemp farmer will know exactly how to hang and dry the crops in order to ensure a flawless extraction that ends with pristine hemp extracts.

High-Quality Products Come From High Quality-Farms

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, high-quality CBD products can only come from high-quality farms. High Falls Hemp NY is a perfect example of a top-notch hemp farm in New York. From the seed that goes into the ground and grows, to the soul of the customer that receives the final product, nothing but love and care go into every step of the way. If you are going to use CBD products, make sure that you get them from a company that cares about its plants, and the people that use them.

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