Causes of Dry Skin Around Mouth

Having dry skin around your mouth can be quite painful. The following article can help you know about its major causes.


Eczema can also cause dryness around your lips. It is a genetic condition, also known as atopic dermatitis. It is marked by visibility of small raised bumps on the area around the mouth causing itchy cracked dry skin.

Allergies Or Irritation

When the skin is exposed to harsh beauty products, they can damage its barrier, making it more prone to allergies and dry skin around your mouth. A broken skin barrier fails to protect your skin from environmental irritants. These products tend to pull out essential oils from your skin, causing more aggressive allergies.


Change in climatic conditions can make your skin dry, especially the region around your mouth. Exposure to dry air is one of the eminent factors of chronic dry facial skin. Heating during winter weather and continuous heavy air conditioning during summers, removes moisture from the air, that results in the skin to dry out. Wearing sunscreen and moisturizing skin can solve this problem.

Lack of Sebum

Our sebaceous glands are the pores that lie beneath the skin that produce oil called sebum. Sebum is an important oil that is crucial to maintain good healthy skin. The skin around your mouth is thinner and more sensitive as compared to the rest of your face. Lack of sebum can contribute to dry skin, irritation and dehydration.

Other Medical Conditions

Perioral Dermatitis looks like a red & scaly rash ring around the mouth. It may look like acne but it is not. It’s more like a bump, having colour varying from no rash to pink or red and is usually formed fairly close to the lips.

Contact Dermatitis is a red rash which is itchy & flaky. It more often forms on the hands, but some people do experience this around the mouth. Several products and medication are its cause. It’s best to check the ingredients of the products you are using like lip sticks, lip balms & skincare products to find out which is causing dry skin around mouth.

Moisturizing your skin around your mouth with natural products like honey, pure aloe vera gel, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, shea butter and reduce this. Using gentle skin care products, facial moisturizer and exfoliating can also aid in preventing this.


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