Best Exercise According to Your Zodiac

Astrology can tell you wonders. Such things, which you would have never known, elements of which you would have never guessed, are a game of left hand for astrology.

Zodiac signs are an essential part of astrology, and we at Trusted Teller, strive to provide you with a 100% accurate data. We all know that Mind and body need to be in sound health for the better functioning in life. Therefore we have brought to you something that would help you in doing the same.

So here is a list of your Zodiac and the type of exercise that will be best suited for you:


Most suitable exercise: Competitive Athletics.

Aries are born to strive. You’re the one person who has the guts to walk out in the field, wearing a wrestling cape surrounded by blaring music and pyrotechnics.

For an Aries, it’s about testing limits and pushing oneself against the pack. You are always at Top, make sure that it works for you.


Most suitable exercise: Weight Training.

Taurus by nature, are strong but lazy. Similar to the Bull, the Taurus spirit animal. High zeal sports or aerobic quests will make you tired, grumpy and sweaty.

The right talent of Taurus lies in- weights (where you just sit and hang around on stuff while working out). It’s calming to you since you like repetitive and absorbing things.


Most suitable exercise: Yoga.

Gemini is surrounded by nervous and anxious energy, from day till night. And this means that you need to rest! Therefore, you should practice an exercise that relaxes you.

At the same time, focusing on core strength, physical pursuits and flexibility is more important for you. Relax, and give yourself some mental vacation and your body to take over things.


Most suitable exercise: Swimming.

Cancer has the Moon as its ruling planet and is inherently in accordance with this planet’s tidal forces. So around water could be said to be the happy place for a Cancer.

Swimming is all-rounder, and gives you some ‘quiet time’ it lets your imagination roam. You may even rejuvenate and relax and let out the mermaid insides you.


Most suitable exercise: HIIT.

HIIT (High-intensity interval training) can act as an alternative to short and intense bursts of anaerobic exercise for a Leo. These words can strike fear in other sun sign’s hearts (such as Libra, Taurus, Pisces…) but not in, Leo.

Firstly, Leo gets a lot more of bang than the bucks he pays. Secondly, you wouldn’t get bored by any chance.


Most suitable exercise: Netball.

Virgo has an unbreakable bond with perfection and discipline. The qualities Virgo possesses and the bonding it has will not let you end up anywhere less than the Captain of the team.

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Most suitable exercise: Dance.

The beautiful Libra has a liking for beautiful people, things and harmony, even in The he does. Sweaty machines of the gym, muddy of the field or the floor mat of plastic;  nothing is meant for a Libra.

Libra is for a place full of mirrors and throbbing with music, filled with creativity and amazing outfits. This is the place that you are meant to set on fire.


Most suitable exercise: Boxing.

Power accompanied with domination are core character traits of a Scorpio. Not everyone can get in the ring and punch down others.

Scorpio is self-confident and encouraged by competition and rivalry. This is also the best way to get off of your aggression.


Most suitable exercise: Spin Class.

Sagittarius, full of high energy and just need to thrash out all of it in a room, for some time without any withdrawal. And, that’s precisely where spinning comes in, isn’t it?

There’s absolutely nothing about a Spin Class that a Sagittarius won’t like. A Sagittarius would even go on a holiday at a spin class, only if that’s possible.


Most suitable exercise: Running.

Capricorn, you and the world- against each other- that’s how a Capricorn likes and provided by Running.

Also, Running is free! No hard-earned cash paid and can be done anywhere, anytime. Hence, no hurdle in work too.


Most suitable exercise: Pilates.

An Aquarius lives in his head, and that’s great because the brain that an Aquarius has got is quite big and wise. However, nobody can deny the fact that your body needs care too.

Pilates is beneficial in increasing physical self-awareness; it helps you in remembering relevant material that your body has, such as your arms or your legs.


Most suitable exercise: Synchronised Swimming.

The spirit animal of Pisces is fish, so no wonder, Pisces people love being around and in water. For a Pisces Synchronised swimming not only enables him to be in water but also switches on to some more buttons too. Example, working as the team and being in harmony.

I hope you found content exciting and are now enabled to decide which exercise will be best for you. For more such content, stay tuned!

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