Accelerating Immune Support With Personalized Vitamins

Building immune support requires a holistic approach, but vitamins are an essential component.  It turns out that many things you do for your general health also apply to immune support.  These activities, such as eating well, exercising regularly, and getting decent sleep, are critical to a high functioning immune system.  In addition to these activities, there are certain vitamins that have been shown to boost immune response, like Vitamin C, Zinc, and Vitamin D3.  The issue that is that not everybody needs these vitamins in the same amount.  People have varied diets, fitness routines, health profiles, and demographics requiring a customization in the amounts of vitamins that they take in through their daily vitamin.  Personalized vitamins, adapted for these attributes, show promise for unlocking maximum immune support derived from a vitamin source.

Immune Support In The Age Of COVID-19 

There is no question that immune support is top of mind for many people these days as global populations cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.  It has been long recognized that vitamins play a role in reducing respiratory infections.  Some studies estimate that vitamins can reduce common respiratory infections like colds and coughs from 10% to 50% over standard infection rates.  Historical studies of pandemic, like the 1918 Spanish Flu, demonstrated the role of Vitamin D in reducing infection rates.  Therefore, scientists were quick to examine the role of vitamins in COVID-19 infection rates.

Early studies point to the potential of vitamins, particularly Vitamin D, to reduce COVID-19 infection rates.  A recent study out of the University of Chicago found that Vitamin D deficient patients were nearly two times as likely to test positive for COVID-19.  Another study out of Span demonstrated that 80% of hospitalized patients had Vitamin D deficiencies.  While these studies are early, and small in scale, they point to the potential of vitamins to limit the degree and severity of spread.

Why Standard Multivitamins Play A Limited Role In Boosting Immune Support

The problem with standard multivitamins is that they are often limited in dosing, which means they are delivering some essential vitamins but in amounts so small that they are relatively inert in their protective properties.  You are taking a very watered-down “A to Z” cocktail when you ingest a standard multivitamin.  It provides a false sense of security and may encourage some people to engage in risk behaviors thinking they are protected by their vitamin use.  Beyond a standard multivitamin, some consumers are jumping at herbal remedies with very limited scientific evidence.  There is a current obsession with elderberry, which may boost immune system functionality, but the evidence is less persuasive than other vitamins and minerals.

Another problem with standard multivitamins is the inconsistent use.  Many people forget to refill their vitamins.  It is tough to remember when you are nearing the bottom of the bottle and put that bottle on your grocery list.  The vitamin company does not remind you to take your vitamins – they do not even know who you are because you purchased the vitamin in a transactional, retail environment.

Many standard multivitamins are difficult to swallow.  Who wants to swallow those huge, horse-pill shaped multivitamins?  Some standard multivitamins are chalky and have an unpleasant after-taste.  And, if you determine you need other vitamins, like an add-on Calcium or Vitamin D, you are now taking several pills, and it is challenging to stay on a handful of pills.

The Value Of Personalized Vitamins To Immune Support

Personalized vitamins are calibrated to your specific needs, improving the chances you will get the vitamins that you need for immune support in the right amounts.  The personalized vitamin company has a direct, data-based relationship with you so they can easily follow up on your formula to ensure that it is working and you understand the benefits of long-term adherence.  Some companies may encourage you to take a situational supplement to boost your immunity under certain conditions like a sick relative or friend in the same living space.  A situational supplement, like Immune Blast™, can be a valuable complement to your personalized vitamin.

Accelerating Immune Support With Personalized Vitamins

Spend some time to identify a personalized vitamin company that you trust.  Try to ensure that the founders are credible, and there is real scientific research behind the formulations.  Scrutinize the process behind personalization – it is really helping to upload your genetic test?  How accurate is that mail-in blood test?  Does a single strand of hair tell you much about your vitamin needs?  The best personalized vitamin companies will ask the right questions about your health and lifestyle.  There is nothing better than good information about what you are eating, how you are living, and where you are experiencing health challenges.

A personalized vitamin will not bolster your immune support if you can’t stick with the routine.  Those vitamin companies that would prescribe a handful of pills and charge you more than $100 per month are not feasible long-term solutions for most people.  It is optimal to find a personalized vitamin company with an all-in-one formulated pill with easy-to-swallow properties.  A realistic price for many people is $1 per day, and that would be enough of a price premium to upgrade most standard, off-the-shelf multivitamins.  It is time to move past multivitamins for “all men” or “all women” and find something that is crafted for your needs and palatable to your lifestyle as a bridge to a better functioning immune system.

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