13 Causes & Effective Remedies Of Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Personal hygiene is very important; it makes your personality. Ignoring personal hygiene can damage the overall personality of a person. Oral hygiene is also an important constituent of personal hygiene, yet it gets less focus. Ignorance in oral hygiene causes bad breath.

What Is Halitosis?

It can simply be termed as bad breath; an unpleasant and bad odor in the mouth is called Halitosis. Its intensity could vary from one person to another. In some people, it exists but with very low intensity. Generally, bad breath occurs after meals and in the morning.

For some, bad breath is a serious problem. It becomes unbearable, and the intensity is high enough to reach out to others nearby. People around or nearby you can feel uncomfortable communicating.

What Are The Causes Of Bad Breath?

There could be many causes of bad breath. Basically, bad breath is caused by bacteria in the mouth. If there is not enough saliva in the mouth to keep it moist, it results in causing bad breath. Tongue debris also causes bad breath. Let us have a look at other causes of bad breath.

Poor Oral Hygiene

As discussed earlier, causes can be associated with poor hygiene, for example, irregular habits of brushing teeth. There are some other causes of bad breath, which comprises some oral diseases and infections. A problem in gums can also be a possible cause of bad breath. Less saliva in the mouth leads to dryness and eventually causes bad breath.

Excessive Smoking And Drug Addiction

In addition to these problems, there are some other possible causes of bad breath. Bad breath is also a by-product of some medications, smoking, and alcoholism. If you are not able to cope with it, then some rehab centers are working for assistance.  Treatment employing detoxification can help to get rid of nasty toxins causing other health issues.


Some food can cause bad breath. Foods richer in garlic, onion, and some herbs have a pungent smell and give the mouth a bad odor. Likewise, some seafood also has a strong smell. If you are suffering from this problem, then you should avoid such food. Look for simpler and richer food options.


Medications used to treat allergies can also make the mouth dry. A dry mouth gives an unpleasant and bad odor. So it is very important to know the root cause of bad breath. This will help to adopt the right approach to settle the problem.

How To Prevent Bad Breath?

Though embarrassing yet it is preventable. There are some important tips and measures through which anyone can prevent bad breath. Visit a dentist for a proper diagnosis and treatment is a better option if the problem is serious.

Oral Hygiene

Keep healthy oral hygiene. Brushing teeth twice a day is helpful in getting rid of bad breath. It also protects from many oral problems such as gum disease, cavities, and other mouth infections. Make it a habit to brush your teeth regularly; if you are moving, never forget to keep your toothbrush.

Avoid Tobacco And Alcohol

Excessive use of tobacco and alcohol can cause bad breath. Tobacco affects the whole respiratory system. The problems and infections associated with windpipe, lungs, and sinuses can all cause bad breath. Likewise, drinking too much alcohol can make the mouth dry, which causes bad breath.

Visiting Dentist

Visit your dentist on a regular basis to ensure good oral hygiene. It is essential to get an early diagnosis if there is any problem. If problems are picked up early that it can help to prevent some adverse oral diseases. A dentist can suggest whether there is any problem or if it is due to an oral infection.

Use Chewing Gum

Using chewing gum can help to keep bad odor away. There are some medications, especially allergy medicines. It makes the mouth dry and gives the problem of bad breath. Knowing it and using certain remedies can help you overcome this issue.


One of the problems of dehydration is the development of bad breath in the mouth. It becomes difficult for the body to produce enough saliva to keep the mouth moist. A dry mouth causes bad breath. Hence keep yourself hydrated to avoid this problem.

Change Toothbrush

Changing toothbrush after a few months can also help to avoid bad breath. Worn off brush bristles are not good enough to clean teeth. It needs to be replaced by a new brush to ensure proper cleaning. Changing brush after an interval of few months would not cost much.

Watchful Food Intake

Foods rich in the levels of garlic, onion, and some spices can possibly cause bad breath. You should be watchful of what foods to eat if you have this problem. It does not mean to get rid of odor-causing ingredients completely, but you can opt for its low proportions.

Saltwater Rinse

A natural and instant way to get rid of bad breath is to rinse your mouth with salt and water solution. Put some salt in warm water; rinse your mouth with it for few seconds. Bad breath will no more bother you.

Scrap Your Tongue

Debris on the tongue can also possibly cause bad breath. It is very important to ensure a clean tongue in order to avoid bad breath. A regular habit of thorough cleaning of the tongue is a good remedy to avoid bad breath.


Bad breath is a discomfort for sufferers and others too. In order to address the issue, it is very important to sort out the actual problem. Knowing the real reasons behind it will help to overcome the issue much faster. Some personal hygiene and medical advice changes can help get rid of it and not have it again.

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