5 Ways To Improve The Health Of Your Employees

As a business owner or manager, being considerate of your employees health is essential. You want a happy and healthy workforce, as they will feel much better in themselves whilst also working more productively. Additionally, it will be beneficial to the business as the amount of sick days people take should be reduced if they are healthier overall! Spending time and money investing in the health of your employees will do wonders for all areas of your business.

Pay For Monthly Gym Memberships

The first (and arguably best) thing you can do is to offer to pay for your employees monthly gym membership. Firstly, people wanting to apply to work with you will be extremely impressed if you offer to pay for gym memberships, as this is a progressive and considerate measure that people will appreciate. This will enable you to draw in exceptional talent.

Most importantly, on a human level, encouraging your staff to go to the gym will give them a much higher quality of life, both at home and at work. You will notice increased energy levels and engagement in the workplace, as well as a reduced amount of sick days being taken, making this initiative cost effective.

Send Out Health Hampers

A great way to encourage a healthy lifestyle is to send out complementary health hampers every 3 months. This might include a new brand of healthy snacks for the workplace, multivitamin tablets to improve overall functioning or perhaps the newest healthy eating cookbook for the whole family.

Again, whilst this will benefit the business financially in terms of the productivity and health of the staff, your employees will feel valued and cared for, making them even more likely to work to the absolute best of their ability.

Host Weekly Cooking Competitions


This option is fantastic for the health of your workforce as well as encouraging engagement outside of work between your team! Each week, you could find a healthy recipe and challenge each member of your team to try it at home and take photos of their creation. You could choose four winners and progressively make the dishes harder, removing one contestant each week. At the end of the month you will have a winner who you could reward with a prize. This will encourage healthy workplace competition as well as helping people to get used to healthy cooking at home.

Create A Smoke-Free Work Space

Whilst it is illegal to smoke in office spaces in the UK, many staff continue to take time out of their working day for a cigarette. This may only be 5 minutes each time, however if someone has two cigarettes a day, this could soon add up to around 45 hours across the course of the year! So, you could offer rewards to people who don’t smoke. Perhaps you offer any member of staff their birthday off if they don’t smoke during working hours. The 8 hours of their working time you will lose is nothing compared to potentially 45 hours!

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